Do we need editors?

I found this BlogHer post by Alanna through Karina and I find it very interesting. Please read it and tell me what you think, do food bloggers need editors to write well? Can we be trusted even if we post what we write without being edited? I’m particularly interested to know what non bloggers think about it, why do you read food blogs? And do you trust us as much as you trust a journalist who has an editor? Personally I think we put too much importance on how a text is written than what is actually is being said in it and what we learn about the person behind it, appearance goes before content. Each medium has it’s own norms, when I write academic texts I use editors to check language and coherence but when I blog I want to share a completely different experience; food is also about immediacy, we use our senses when we deal with food and I want to share that with you. Then I may pop in other things in a post because they happen to be on my mind in that precise moment but for me writing here is a joy. Of course I do edit my text a bit, I try to delete the most blatant grammatical errors (I don’t see the more subtle ones) and make it more coherent but on the whole I just try to communicate. No more, no less.