Today you can choose between two happy endings, whichever you choose will make you feel happy. I make grand promises but I’m pretty confident you’ll like it. Well if you don’t like oranges, and more specifically blood oranges, you won’t like this dish with a double destiny of course. Dish with a double destiny, how many dishes are there that I never ever thought about changing the outcome of? I wonder what I have lost in all these years because I never changed the direction in the middle or towards the end of the preparation of a dish? Writing this has made realize that I have to change food gear or maybe track more often and especially when I’m not supposed to. I bet your expectations are sky high by now and you wonder what is this wonderful dish, I can only tell you that it’s not that grand or even anything super special but I like what it has done to me, it has made me think in a different way and to realize that just as we are in charge of the destiny of our lives (maybe not completely but we are absolutely in control of how we regard our own lives and destiny, something very important if you want to live happily and feel that you have some sort of control over it), we are in charge of the destiny of what we cook and that maybe, maybe it could be fruitful to look at it from a different angle now and then. This is just getting worse and worse, and I’m quite happy that I don’t have an editor because she/he would make me cut this down to a tenth and I wouldn’t know what to write because now I’m so fuddle brained that I have to stop.



600 ml /2.5 cups of freshly squeezed blood orange juice
4-6 tblsp sugar or honey, the amount depends on how sweet the oranges are
9 tblsp water
6 tsp corn starch
3-4 tblsp or more of Grand Marnier (or some other type of spirits/alcohol that you like and think will go well with blood oranges)

– Heat up the water and the sugar and stir until the sugar dissolves.
– Mix the corn starch with a little of orange juice before adding it and the rest of the orange juice to the sugar water.
– Heat it up, stir all the time and when it has thickened you take it off the heat and let it cool down.
– Add the Grand Marnier and put it into to fridge to get really cool. Or do as I did, put it into the freezer to make it get cold really fast and then forget about it for an hour or two so that you end up with a slushalike!
– Whatever you choose – enjoy it.


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