Another cry for help

So here I am again, a new round of Does My Blog Look Good In This and I just don’t have the faintest idea of what to submit. Las time I asked you it went very well so I hope it will work this time as well. Last month’s DMBLGIT I knew which photo I wanted to participate and I got a 2nd place in the Edibility category but this month I’m back to the same old “this or that??” state of mind so please do me the favour and help me to choose a photo! You can see by the sheer amount of photos here below how incapable I am when it comes to decide or even understand which to send!

no 1

no 2

no 3

no 4

no 5

no 6

no 7

no 8

Thanks for helping me out!

Which one of these photos do you think I should sent to DMBLGIT?
No 1 – Fennel
No 2 – Coffee spoon
No 3 – Egg
No 4 – Egg
No 5 – Spoons with broccoli
No 6 – Spoons with broccoli
No 7 – Brussels sprouts
No 8 – Ginger & Brussels sprouts twirls
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