Today I have been to Florence to meet up with a fellow blogger and Flickr friend to visit the photographic collection and museum. Very interesting. There are so many beautiful and interesting photos and as usual I’m struck by how modern old photos are (or maybe we are old fashioned), so many photographers in the nineteenth century who really took the most spectacular photos, daring and interesting, always experimenting with the new medium. I will return alone to make a silent visit, this time I couldn’t resist chatting a lot.

My children have very pronounced opinions when it comes to vegetables, one example is broccoli of which only the little buds are eaten (if that is what they are). This means that I’m often left with the stalks and maybe one or two complete broccoli bunches so I have had to invent some use for it because even though I like vegetables in almost any form, I don’t particularly enjoy feeling like the family’s vegetable trash bin, I do like to feel that I have some dignity occasionally and then I make this very versatile puree that can be eaten on spoons like on the photos, on mini sandwiches or as a dip for whatever you like to dip! Healthy and good, can you really ask for more??



Cooked broccoli, stems and flower parts or just one or the other
Very finely chopped onion
Olive oil

– Run the broccoli in a blender until creamy. Add the chopped onion, some olive oil and salt.

Serving suggestions:

Salmon roe
Chopped tomatoes with smoked Spanish paprika
Pine nuts
Grilled and chopped bell peppers

– Put any on these on top of the puree.