This Year I Dare again and PANNA COTTA AL CAFFE


About one year ago I started a meme that was called This Year I Dare, I was inspired by Vickie over at the Moveable Feast Food Blog who had challenged herself to make and prepare dishes she usually never did for one reason or other. I thought it was a great idea and immediately challenged myself to do five things of which I have only made two (well one and a half in reality), pathetic but at least I made these: soufflé and almost arancini di riso. The other three (choux pastry, duck and scallops) remain as they were. I tagged some people and to my surprise the meme went around on a lot of food blogs, I don’t know if it was useful to anyone but I just saw that my friend Anne of Anne’s Food had made a new This Year I Dare list and I think I will follow her example and make one this year too. But without tagging someone so feel free to join in and even tag people if you feel like it!
1. Scallops. This is the only thing from last year’s list that I want to keep. Maybe this year I will make it.
2. A real Baba cake like they make it in Naples.
3. Tortellini with meat made from scratch.
4. Stuffed rabbit. Never cooked a stuffed animal so let’s start with a small one. (And no, I’m not going to grill my children’s soft toys)
5. Well I don’t know, do you have any suggestions?

This year I’m going to make it!



Panna cotta is a dessert that I have started to appreciate in the last couple of years, I don’t know why I never ate it before but now I’m happy to make and eat it! This version with coffee was one of the desserts I served on New Year’s Day. And be more careful than I was when you put it into the fridge so that they don’t look like the leaning tower in Pisa!



500 ml / 2.1 cup fresh cream
100 ml / 0.42 cup milk
100 ml / 0.42 cup very, very strong coffee
75 ml / 0.31 cup sugar
10-12 g / 0.35-0.42 oz gelatin leaves, I used the larger amount but I honestly think that I could have used less
Dark chocolate for decoration

– Put the gelatin leaves to soak in cold water.
– Mix cream, milk and coffee in a small pan, add sugar and bring to boil.
– Squeeze the water out of the gelatin leaves and melt them in the hot coffee cream, stir really well and leave it to cool down a bit.
– Pour the cream into the cups, ramekins or whatever you want to use and whatever they are called. When they are close to cold you can put them into the fridge where they have to remain for at least 2-3 hours.
– Meanwhile you melt the chocolate and create the decorations. I used a spoon and ‘painted’ hearts on a baking paper that I then put into the fridge until it was time to serve the panna cotta.
– Turn the cups upside down on the plates you are going to serve them on. You may have to either dip them quickly in hot water or use a thin and sharp knife to loosen the grip of the panna cotta inside the cup.
– Stick the decoration into the panna cotta and enjoy!


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