Show Us Your Kitchen – The Roundup

When I made the post about my kitchen back in December I thought “this is exactly what food journalists and some high profile food bloggers would consider a boring post” but that way of thinking just proves that as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, so does the interest factor of food blogs because I have had an overwhelming response to my request to my fellow food bloggers to show me their kitchens! I never ever expected that so many food bloggers would actually do it but as you can see, there are 49 50 kitchen posts linked below. I have always liked to see other peoples homes, I remember a program I saw on BBC a very long time ago where people showed their homes, while commenting about how they felt about it. I just loved that series, you saw homes from a lot of different strata of the society, some horrible, some beautiful, some boring and predictable while others funny and surprising so you can imagine how I have enjoyed having the opportunity to take a look into my fellow food bloggers kitchens! But with the differences that this time I have only seen one room (well some of the participants have actually showed some more of their homes) and that I liked them all, what really struck me is how much love you find in these kitchens. Love for food, love for those you are cooking for and love of creativity because the kitchen is in my eyes a very creative place. I do the theorizing on my sofa but I create in my kitchen and I think most of us feel the same! As I said earlier, there are very many entries and I want to apologize for not having the time to present each and every entry in a proper way but I prefer to do the roundup today rather than next week.
But before we enter the kitchens I want to congratulate all the winners of the Food Blog Award and especially Susan of Farmgirl Fare who won the category to which I had the fortune to be nominated, The Best Rural Food Blog! But above all I want to thanks all of you who voted for Lucullian; I’m not a very competitive sort of person, I take it for granted that I will lose right from the start and I’m living happily like this but I have to say that I have enjoyed this a lot and that it feels great to come in as the second in this particular race! Thanks a lot!

And now over to the kitchens:

The first to show us her kitchen was Anna of Anna’s Cool Finds, read about the adventures that lead up to her participating in this event!

Then the sweet Lisa of La Mia Cucina posted about her lovely kitchen and even some more of her home. I feel very honoured to discover that she has my photos as a wallpaper on her computer!

My very nice friend Meeta was the next and you can look at her beautiful kitchen on her blog What’s For Lunch Honey!

Ulrike of Kùchenlatlein gives us the chance to see her kitchen before she changes it after long and faithful duty!

Aagje gives us a little glimpse of her (almost) kitchen as well on her excellent blog Leafy Cooking, there are some interesting looking spices there.

You will all love Tanna’s kitchen but I already asked for the pie maker so leave him alone please! Check out her post on My Kitchen In Half Cups.

Kristen of Dine and Dish show us her warm kitchen, I want her pantry!

A fellow Scandinavian, Britt-Arnhild from Britt-Arnhild’s House in the Woods opens up her Norwegian kitchen for us!

And do take a peep into Sally’s kitchen over at Tip of the Iceberg, it’s warm and cosy there!

We are lucky enough to be able to see what a Venezuelan kitchen looks like as well, Zulmy of Blog de Zulmy shows her, take a look at the smart spice rack her husband made for her, talk about using every inch!

Alison of Someone’s In the Kitchen complains about her kitchen being dark but I thinks she is wrong, it looks like a haven of light!

The very creative Gattina shows us her lovely kitchen on her renamed blog Kitchen Unplugged!

Kate invites us to her beautiful kitchen over at Kate In the Kitchen, it looks great!

Anita of Married with Dinner doesn’t stop at one kitchen, she shows us three!

Roo of Lala Ween World was the first to show a kitchen that reminds me of my own, i.e. nice but a bit messy, thanks Roo, I was getting an inferiority complex!

All the way from Singapoore comes Angie’s stylish red, black and white kitchen, you can check it out over at My Kitchen: My Laboratory!

Over at Coffee and Cornbread you can see the kitchen of Coffeepot where they ran a B&B for 7 years- wow!

Asha takes us on a tour of her kitchen and home on her blog Foodie’s Hope!

Sarina of TriniGourmet shows us her kitchen, I like the mirror over the sink a lot and she too keeps her computer in the kitchen!

Take a look at Lynnylu’s beautiful kitchen at Cafe Lynnylu, she has computer in the kitchen just like me!

Sandi shows us her kitchen at the Whistlestop Cafe Cooking, and yes, it’s that Whistlestop Cafe!

Over at Precious Moments we are given the last looks of a beloved kitchen, do check it out!

Head over to my friend Piperita’s Italian kitchen at The Kitchen Pantry, one day I hope to see it with my own eyes!

Kelly at Food=Life shows us her small but well stocked kitchen, who said that a kitchen must be big?

Smita gives us a glimpse of her kitchen over at SmitaServesYouRight.

A lovely kitchen is the first that meets you when you visit Mandira of Ahaar!

Now we can really take a look at Kalyn’s Kitchen as she shows us her wonderful kitchen, there’s another kitchen table where I hope to sit some time in the future! I’m already drooling a bit!

Pam shows us her new kitchen over at Project Foodie and I can understand that she is proud of it!

And then we have Veronica’s Test Kitchen, warm and inviting!

Vanessa’s kitchen makes you feel at home straight away over at What Geeks Eat!

I have a soft spot for Sean of Hedonia and that goes for his kitchen as well, it looks great!

Take a look at a really sleek and nice kitchen over at Brandon Eats, it’s worth your while!

Vani of Mysoorean shows her huge kitchen, I wish mine was as light as hers!

Do you want to know what a Bon Vivant kitchen looks like? Go and take a look then!

We’re lucky to have an Irish kitchen here as well, take a look at Elisabeth’s over at Spice Girl!

Hilary’s kitchen can be seen on Nosh With Me, small but loved I would say!

Check out Rachel’s hot pink kitchen over on Rachel’s Bite!

Visit the kitchen of Gluten-Free By The Bay to see where some serious cooking takes place!

You can visit the scene of a lot of cooking if you head over to What We Are Eating! Small and nice.

Christine of Christine Cooks has a warm and sunny kitchen, she says it’s not finished but it looks completely perfect to me!

The kitchen of Melissa proves that small is beautiful, take a lot on Hectitium!

Shelly shows her absolutely beautiful kitchen chest on her blog An Open Cupboard.

Rinku of Cooking in Westchester not only shows us her lovely kitchen, she also show us a lovely little cook as well!

Anita’s kitchen does not only provide food to eat, if you head over to A Mad Tea Party you will be offered food for your soul as well in the form of a poem!

Jen gives us a before and after of her kitchen over at The Omnivorous Egg!

On Seaweed and Rice you find several ingredients for a nice kitchen!

The kitchen post of Mrs D. of Belly Timber fame is packed with interesting things to read about and look at! There’s even a flashback of an earlier kitchen meme/event!

Renata’s post reached just before I started on this roundup and I’m happy it did. Head over to her blog Little Bouffe and take a look at her nice kitchen.

But the most interesting post comes from Anjali of Anna Parabrahma who shows us her Grand Aunts kitchen, take a look at how little is really needed to cook up good food!

Update: I’m adding another kitchen link for two reasons only, firstly, with this there are 50 entries and secondly, I can’t refuse a dear old blog friend who has been with me almost since the start of Lucullian ! So here we have Barbie2be’s kitchen, she may complain about not having enough counter space but at least she has a window over the sink which is more that I can say!

Thank you so much everyone! You have been great all of you and please tell me if I got something wrong or if the links don’t work. I’m sure there will be something to amend but doing a roundup with 4950 entries is kind of tiring!