Writing down recipes has always been something that I find difficult even though I nowadays have developed some kind of auto pilot when I do it. One of the problems is the jotting down of ingredients, I have little pieces of paper all over and if I’m lucky I have remembered to write what it is actually meant to be but often I have to guess by looking at the ingredients. Another problem is that when I experiment with recipes, I usually make one portion and sometimes even a very small one so I have to multiply in order to make any sense. And then sometimes I am using ingredients that are very difficult to define the size of and this is the big problem that I’m having today. How big is a medium zucchini? And do all zucchini with a certain diameter have the same length? You see, I made just one portion of these prawn filled zucchini tubes to cheer up Marco and I used just one zucchini but how can I be sure that you find the same size without having had the opportunity of seeing and touching the zucchini I used? (can you understand that I’m more or less incapable of filling in forms as well, there are so many alternative answers that could be the right one!) So here you will have to use your cooking sense and your senses of taste and touch as well!



Zucchini with the diameter of approximately 5 centimeters / 2 inches in diameter
1 large prawn for each zucchini tube
A little dried peperoncino (optional)
1 1/2 tblsp bread crumbs for 5 zucchini tubes

– Cut off the ends and then you cut the zucchini in 5 cm / 2 in long pieces.
– Remove the zucchini meat with an apple corer so that you end up with empty zucchini tubes.
– Chop the zucchini meat and fry it gently in olive oil together with garlic and a little peperoncino until soft and any excess liquid has evaporated. Drain it of excess olive oil and put it aside.
– Peel the prawns and sautĂ© them quickly.
– Run zucchini and prawns in a blender to a not too smooth cream. Add bread crumbs, the mix should be a bit firm but not hard (yes I know this is a lousy way of explaining it but there’s no other way!) and check if it needs more salt.
– Fill the zucchini tubes with the mix and braise them slowly until they are soft. Turn them round all the time so that they don’t get burnt.
– Serve as an entree or on a buffet table.