Yesterday I read Stephen’s post about how media reports on food blogging over at Stephen Cooks and I just have to agree with most of what he is saying. (I still read cookbooks though.) I was happy to hear that his blog was mentioned in an article on food blogs because I’m being a bit tired of reading the same article again and again in different papers and written by different journalists. N.b. that I don’t have anything against the journalist in question, the fact that she mentions Stephen’s blog and a few others means that she actually did take a look around the blogosphere! But in general I think it’s pretty safe to say that it’s almost always the same food blogs that are being listed which leaves me with the feeling that the journalists are either too lazy to really look around at all these great and creative food blogs that we all know and read or they are just reporting dutifully on a phenomenon they don’t dare delve into. There are many food bloggers out there all over the world who are creating interesting recipes, great photos and often they also write well but it’s still almost always the same food blogs that are mentioned in article after article. But Ilva, you say, maybe they are the best?! Well, are all of them still the best is what I ask? I have to say that I keep them in my Bloglines feed but I only read a few of them because I have so many other more inspiring blogs that I prefer to read instead. Could be a question of taste but how come my (and so many others’) taste is so different from most journalists??

So what other recipe could I post after what I wrote about above if not a sour one? Well it’s actually not sour at all but it’s a limey one. A couple of month ago I saw this recipe over at A Veggie Venture, lemon in combination with Brussels sprouts, something I had never thought about and since then it has been there in the back of my mind, nagging and when I suddenly found that I had bought Brussels sprouts again I finally remembered what I was supposed to do with them! It could be that I have a strange craving for things with lemon or lime as a reaction to all the rich food I have been eating lately but I really thinks it’s Alanna’s fault as it was she who put this idea in my head. Her recipe is far more elaborate than mine, I just braised the Brussels sprouts in some lime juice and rosemary but I still have to thank her for making my grey cells move in a new direction!



Brussels sprouts
Rosemary, optional
Olive oil

-Trim the sprouts and cut them in halves.
– Grate the zest of the lime and put it in a pan or a skillet together with some olive oil. Add Brussels sprouts, rosemary, salt and as much lime juice you feel like, it’s better to start with a little and add some more if needed. Braise on until the sprouts are soft, if needed you add a little water.
– Eat.