Terra Madre


The other day we received a wonderful gift from a friend who is responsible for a small Italian section of the Slow Food organization, the catalogue from the Terra Madre fair that was held last October in Turin. It is a beautiful book filled with information about producers and products from all over the world. I’m slowly going through it, now I’m carefully studying the Italian part because there is so much to learn. Still and for the rest of my life I suspect because this country is filled with things to see and to eat. And then I will read about the rest of the world. Slowly. More than 700 hundred pages filled with beauty…
The book is in English but I have only found this page in Italian where you can order it if you are interested. If you send them an e-mail they probably will help you. I hope so because it is really a treasure!
And then I would like to say Thank you for all the wonderful and nice comments I have received in these days! I think you are a really generous and nice lot out there and I couldn’t really ask for better readers! I’m getting spoilt! So now I’m off to walk on my knees on chick peas to make me remember who I am and my small place in the universe because after all I was raised in a Lutheran country…