Season’s Greetings and Granadilla


First of all I wish you all Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas or whatever you may celebrate in the coming days! I do hope you will find peace and quiet if that is what you need or a lot of amusement if that is what you want!


And then I want to share this discovery of mine; right now the shops are filled with strange and exotic fruits that I have never seen before because it seems to be a general pastime to make gift food baskets. Not that I mind, quite the opposite because it gives me the opportunity to discover some new things like the Granadilla that you see in the photo! It is a beautifully smooth, orange fruit that is a member of the same family as passion fruit and maracuja. When I opened it, I first of all was surprised of how light the peel is, it’s a feather light, and then I saw the ugly seeds but when I put them in my mouth, they changed from beautiful to absolutely beautiful! If the are still there after Christmas I will but some more and make juice of them that I will freeze and use for dessert sauces, it will be divine with or why not in a panna cotta. As it was, I had it with some good yogurt, good but not close to its potential! If you see it, try it- it’s delicious!