I don’t know if you follow the bidding for the prizes of the Menu For Hope, I do and I get happier and happier every time I click over and see that more and more money is being donated, right now it’s over $ 16 000 which means that in less than a week we have almost reached last years record sum of $ 17 000! So if you haven’t done it yet, do go there and buy a ticket and why not for my prize, check it out here. And if you are not interested in that, check out David Lebovitz’s round up for the European prizes or Pim’s general round up. If you are so picky that you can’t find anything that you would like to try to win, just donate some money! Here.
And then today is the last day to nominate your favourite food blogs for the Food Blog Award over at Well Fed Network, there are many categories and I’m sure you must have a favourite in almost every one of them considering how many food blogs there are and the great variety of approach so make yourself heard. Maybe you will discover some new ones too!


So, now I have said the more important things and I can move over to one of my latest loves, Broccoli and Bread Soup. I love Pappa al Pomodoro, you know the Tuscan bread and tomato soup, I can eat a never ending row of bowls when I make it. It must be one of the best comfort foods ever invented but unfortunately it’s not at its best all year round as the quality of the tomatoes is essential. If you are a very faithful reader of this blog, you know that I’m always, for some unknown reason (even to myself), on the lookout for the ultimate broccoli soup. Whenever I have broccoli in the house I find myself pondering upon what kind of broccoli soup I could make because this time could be the time when I hit upon The Best Broccoli Soup Ever Made. I move towards this strange personal Graal of mine with very small steps but at least I’m moving forwards and that’s what counts somehow. This is a very simple version of it but I can see a lot of room for variations! Unfortunately I can’t give any measure in weight because my new scale needs a new battery and as it is such a strange battery, I can’t find any new ones…


serves 2-3, maybe more

1 l / 4.25 cups of broccoli florets and the stem cut into small pieces.
3-4 slices of bread, preferably a bit stale. And preferably unsalted as is the tradition here in Tuscany, if you make it with salted bread it tend to be a bit slimy (probably too strong a word to use in a recipe).
1 small dried peperoncino, optional
1 clove of garlic
1 l / 4.25 cups of stock
Olive oil

РHeat up the olive oil with the peperoncino and the garlic, add the broccoli and saut̩ for a couple of minutes before you add the stock.
– Let it simmer under a lid for about 10-15 minutes or until the broccoli is cooked.
– Run the broccoli in a blender until it’s a smooth green cream and then you mix it with the remaining stock. Check if more salt is needed.
– Bring it to boil and then add the bread that you have cut or broken into pieces. Leave it to rest for about 10 minutes and then you stir with force until the bread has dissolved into a soup or a pappa!
– Serve in bowls, I added a dollop of the fresh cheese Stracchino because I felt that I needed something like that.