My kitchen


I feel really happy about finally solving the Explorer template problem, something that has been nagging me but that I after the initial attempts had removed from my mind. And I did it all by myself which is quite incredible as well. Initially I had a little photo of me in the margin, a blurry one where you can’t see much but to reveal something far more important about myself I present you with tho photos of my kitchen as I have managed to take photos of it in a way where you can’t see how incredibly messy it is. It still looks messy but it’s more difficult to see that in these photos. I have a rustic kitchen and it was like this when we bought the house. Personally I probably would choose a different style but it’s ok as it is so I don’t complain, I would be ungrateful if I did actually because the previous owners installed a small grill which we use quite often if it’s not too cold outside because you have to open the doors. The stove is placed inside the original hearth and they lavishly made the countertops in white marble. In other words they spent a lot of money on it but the wife was on a constant diet so they hardly ever cooked! People are strange. What I really like about it though is the ceiling especially as you don’t see all the cobwebs on this type of ceiling! We spend a lot of our lives in this kitchen, we talk and eat here and my children often make their homework at the kitchen table even though they have their own spaces. I’m actually writing this in the kitchen because I keep my computer here so that I can listen to the BBC on the web.
So what’s your kitchen like? Why don’t you post about it and then give me the link, I’m so curious! If we are more than 4 doing this I will even make a kitchen round-up!

Updated: Due to the interest this post has raised I have decided to make it into a minor ‘event’, the deadline for sending the perma link of your post about your kitchen is the 9th of January 2007.Please send it to: i_beretta AT yahoo DOT it