This week no one can say that I not being faithful to the theme of Weekend Herb Blogging because the herb salt I’m proposing contains five different herbs: sage, rosemary, oregano, thyme and mint. I do consider myself lucky because I can step out of my kitchen and gather fresh herbs for most part of the year, even a grey and dull morning like today. It feels as if I stretched my arm straight up in the air I would be able to touch the grey clouds that are covering the blue sky and shining sun that I know is on up there. There are grey days and grey days and this is one of those really dull ones. I’m not into sunshine at all costs, sometimes it’s restful with clouds and some rain but like this – nooo. And I realize by reading what I have just written that I’m getting quite grey and dull too so I better hurry up and finish this post!
This week Kalyn is hosting WHB so steer over to Kalyn’s Kitchen tomorrow and check out her roundup, there are so many blogs to discover and recipes to be studied! Kalyn is also one of the US hosts for the important Menu for Hope III event that beginning the 11th of December. Knowing how busy she is I just wonder where she gets all the energy, I suppose it must be the South Beach Diet! (If that’s it, maybe I should consider going on a double SB diet…)



Fresh herbs, whatever you like, you can make it with different ones or just one.
Coarse salt

– Take a bunch of fresh herbs and remove the woody parts if there are any. Put them in a blender together with a fistful of coarse salt.
– Turn the blender on and let it run until it has become like fine salt. Add more herbs if you want.
– Put it in a jar and use it. Often.