Conclusion of a year


When I first started to think about this post, I immediately remembered this year as a mostly negative one because of my father’s death and all the sad things that have happened to too many of our near and dear friends. But also some good things: Berlusconi lost the election and Italy has begun to withdraw all their troops from Iraq. That was from my own personal perspective but then I started thinking from a blog perspective and I realized that a lot of incredibly positive things have happened, I have won several categories in the Does My Blog Look Good In This and become the overall winner of the April edition! And then I won the Paper Chef #20 as well! I tend to forget the past because I live very much in the present so I was almost surprised when I remembered all this. And happy! I have also sold two photos to a calendar (scroll down this page and you can see them on the calendar’s cover as well), something that still amazes me and I also have project involving cookbooks going on, I’ll let you know when I’m sure it’s going to be realized. If. But the most important positive aspect of the blogging is you! I don’t think you realize how much I enjoy communicating with you, one way and two ways, your comments and your mails have become a joy in my life actually, not to talk about all the wonderful blogs I have discovered through food blogging! And then I’m not only speaking of food blogs but a variety of different types of blogs! Oh oh, better stop now before I get too sentimental and boring so here we go: