Spices spices spices!


There are quite a few ex pats food blogging in here in Italy (if you are interested, check here) and one of them is Rowena of Rubber Slippers in Italy who has launched this non Meme about spices. I really enjoy her blog and I hope that one day we will be able to meet somewhere in this country!

1. Which is the most indispensable spice on your spice rack?
Difficult to say as it depends on if it’s dinner or dessert I’m cooking. So I go for 2, peperoncino and cardamom. I use a lot of peperoncino or rather, I use it often because I don’t always use that much, sometimes I just add a little bit in order to have a background hint of it. So if I was shipped off to a desert island and I could only bring one spice along with me it would definitely be peperoncino. But the spice I use the most when I make sweet things must be cardamom despite the fact that I’m the only one in this family who really likes it. But it brings out the despot in me!

2. Which is the most used? This being determined by a near empty bottle compared to the others.
I think I already answered that above.

3. Which is the least used?
Nutmeg. Sometimes I think that I really should keep some at home and I buy some. And then it stops at that, the only active things I make with it is stretching out my arm to take it in the shop and to put in a my spice rack when I’m back home. Basta. I never understood its greatness even though I can agree to that it smells pretty good.

4. Is there a spice or seasoning that you know of or just learned about and would like to add to your collection?
Nigella seeds. The flower is such a beautiful sky blue delight, not to talk about the seed pods and I really would like to try that.

5. Are there any health remedies that you practice with the use of spices?
I drink an infusion of cloves, cinnamon, ginger, lemon and honey when I have a cold. I made that on a whim ages ago when I had a terrible cold and then I discovered that all of the spices have properties that helps to fight off a cold, this only confirmed my opinion that you must listen to what your body’s saying as it often knows what is good for us instinctively. That’s about it.

Why don’t you join in and tell us about your spicy choices? Don’t forget to mail your link to Rowena or leave her comment as she is making a roundup with all the contributions.