I’ve got some interesting responses about the blog post I asked you to read yesterday(see the comments), I started writing an answer/comment but realized that it was getting too long so I write here instead. Many comments pinpointed what I feel about blogs and blogging. I really think I blog because I want to communicate, I really really enjoy the interaction between us, bloggers and readers. I love getting comments, no matter how short because it makes me realize that there are people out there. I mean, the world is filled with people that I don’t even know exist (and they don’t know about me) so every time I get to know about the existence of a new person through a comment I feel happy, I don’t know why. And this is also how I feel about blogs, it’s a way for us not famous people to show that we exist and that we are as interesting as anyone else. I believe that every blog is interesting to at least some people, it’s wrong to say that there are boring blogs, they might be to you but not to someone else. I know that there are people completely uninterested in my blog for several reasons, they might want to read restaurant reviews or about wine or they may want more humour or more stylish recipes or they just find me boring …well I could go on for hours but the point is that there obviously are people who like this blog and come back to read what I post. And that goes for many food blogs out there. I personally prefer blogs where I somehow feel (always that feeling, one wouldn’t believe that I’m actually is very rational person) like I feel when I meet people I like, it might be the goodness of the person, the intelligence, the imaginative approach to life, the sense of humour, the food, it can be almost anything that is difficult to explain but you still feel. I’m not particularly into the more successful food blogs that we find all over the web, I check them out to see what’s going on but it is the smaller and more personal food blogs that I like and really read.
oh-oh, this is getting too long but here’s just another point, the anonymity issue. I think it’s up the each of us if we want to go public with what we look like or do but I also think that one of the nicer aspects of blogging is that we somehow meet without knowing anything about the other except what we can deduce from the writing, the choice of recipes or the photos. A lot of barriers like age, race, looks, income – you name it- are overcome by blogging and I think that is great. And I have to tell you an interesting thing, when I have been to blog meetings, you just go on as if you have known each other for ages and no one has never really asked about what we are working with or things like that.
I do agree with that it’s important to be true to yourself when you blog, that it’s far more attractive with a food blog with photos and that the design of the blog does matter but I wouldn’t pay a lot of money to get a fancy one, I think it’s enough to keep it simple. Let the food speak!
Enough enough, now it’s time for the recipe. I did make the cake yesterday and I do like it so here it is. The cooked quinoa makes it really moist and soft!



500-600 ml / 2-2.5 cups diced apple
50 ml / 0.2 cup sugar
1 tsp ground cinnamon
100 ml / 0.4 cup water
50 ml / 0.2 cup rum, optional
100 ml / 0.4 cup freshly grated coconut

4 eggs
125 g /4.4 oz salted butter, melted
250 ml / 1 cup sugar
300 ml / 1.3 cup cooked quinoa
400 ml / 1.7 cup rice flour, you can substitute this with normal flour but add a little less first and add more if needed.
1 tsp baking powder

– Simmer the apple cubes with the water, sugar, cinnamon, water and rum until the apple is cooked and almost all the liquid has evaporated. Check if you want to add more sugar and put it aside.
– Whisk egg and sugar and add the melted butter. Stir well.
– Add the quinoa , mix well and then add flour and baking powder, always stirring well.
– ‘Pour’ half of the batter into a greased cake tin, mine is 23 cm /9 in but I usually don’t worry about things like that as I never check the time but use a wooden stick to see if the cake is ready. Anyway, flatten out the batter and add the apple compost evenly over it, sprinkle the grated coconut on top and then cover with the rest of the batter.
– Bake it in a preheated oven (175° C /347° F) for about 30 minutes.


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