Persimmon season


I have never really liked cachi or persimmon fruit but this autumn I bought a type called cachi mela, i.e. apple persimmon, and I just fell in love. Here, where I live, there are many cachi trees growing but I really have had problems with the type of persimmon they yield, after some research I have found out that it’s a variety called Hachiya that have a soft, in my view too soft, and very sweet pulp when ripe. The variety that I have discovered now is the Fuyu (thanks Sean for correcting me!) which is firmer but very sweet and oh so good! And I feel very lucky because now when the pomegranate season is over and I cannot have my daily pomegranate anymore I can eat a persimmon instead!
I eat them in different ways, sometimes just like they are, sometimes I sprinkle them with lime juice and sometimes I eat them with a little balsamic vinegar, the better the vinegar, the nicer the combination.
I have also made persimmon tart, I will post the recipe soon, and I think it’s a great fruit to use in baking and even cooking as it has a flavour that mingles well with other tastes so I’m going on with my persimmon craze, who knows what will come out of it.