There are many food magazines published here in Italy and I buy several of them each month. I don’t use their recipes very often but I get ideas from them and I get to look at food photography. Which is useful, sometimes you see how you should do it and sometimes you see how you shouldn’t, you learn a lot from both but maybe the most from negative examples. Anyway, back to the reading, just like you I sometimes like to read about food and what’s happening here and there and then I find that Gambero Rosso is the perfect choice for me. Not only is it a very rich magazine content wise, there are a lot of feature articles apart from recipes etc, but every time I look through an issue I find things to read that I have missed. Like yesterday, lazily loitering on the sofa, I came upon two pages about coffee and what can only be described as ways of improving a simple espresso (as if it needs improvement!). There were some interesting recipes of espresso jazzed up with liquid chocolate and cinnamon but in order to make these little jewels you have to own an espresso machine which we don’t. So I set out to make my own version: While the coffee was made, I melted some good dark chocolate, not too much, just enough to melt down to 2-3 teaspoons if you get what I mean. Then I put these in the bottom of my espresso cup together with a smallish pinch of ground cardamom, when the coffee was ready, I poured it into the cup and then I added a little fresh cream and stirred! Mmmmm… I dislike coffee with sugar so I obviously didn’t add any but feel free to add as much as you want. In the recipes they used liquid sugar but I’m sure it’s ok to use granulated.