I’m supposed to be a The TarFoBlo-InNaBloPoMoWhPo or The Tardy Food Blogger’s International BloPoMo When Possible this month and I think I’m doing very well but today everything seems to be happening plus that I have to finish some work quite urgently so this is just going to be a boring post where I just tell you how busy I am. But I am going to bake a cake today, the idea have been brewing in my brain for some days now and I can tell you that it I think that it may be a good one. But theory and practice are two different things so I will have to wait until I see (and eat) the result. So tomorrow, hopefully I will be able to make a decent post about food. Until then you can read this post about food blogging and tell me what you think about it, I have some thoughts about it even if I partially agree, but obviously I don’t have the time to discuss them now!