When I began food blogging almost a year and a half ago, I bought myself a notebook where I could write down all the passwords and usernames you need to remember, ideas for recipes and the recipes I create. It’s a thick notebook with a lot of pages but they are now filled with notes and scribblings and I have had to buy myself a new one. Today’s recipe it’s the first of my second food blogger’s notebook, it’s nice to look at the old one, used and loved but it’s even greater to sit here with the new one and seeing its promise of new creations and enjoyment in my kitchen. I have already filled two pages with ideas, some concrete ones, other rather vague.
I haven’t been doing my Weekend Herb Blogging as I should but this week I’m doing it. And I’m doing rosemary again but then it is my favourite herb. This is my second attempt at making rosemary scented apple jellies, the first didn’t turn out well, I can’t remember why but this time they were just the way I wanted them, a light flavour of rosemary that mingles with the apple. Don’t forget to check out Kalyn’s WHB roundup on Monday, and yes I know I’m a bit early this time but I wanted to be sure to participate!
I have written about the benefits of rosemary before, but for more you can read here . Apples have a lot of beneficial uses, it’s supposedly good for reducing cholesterol, preventing heart diseases, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and certain forms of cancer, it’s an antioxidant and it contains vitamin C. This makes these apple jellies a potent health ‘drink’ that you can eat with a spoon as a dessert, a great combination isn’t it? I made my own apple juice with my juicer, if you have a favourite brand you can use that but nothing beats pure, fresh apple juice!


3 jellies

300 ml / 1.26 cup fresh apple juice
100 ml / o.42 cup water
1 sprig rosemary
1 abundant tsp honey, how much you add depends on how sweet the apples are
2 tsp gelatin in powder

– Pour juice and water in a small pan, add the rosemary and let it simmer for about 5 minutes.
– Mix the gelatin powder with 2 tbsp water and leave it to soak.
– Pass the liquid through a finely meshed sieve, or even better, a muslin cloth.
– Heat it up again and add the gelatin powder. Stir really well and quickly so that it dissolves properly. Add the honey as well.
– Pour the liquid into small forms(?) and leave it to cool down before you put them in the fridge.
– Leave them alone for at least 4 hour.
– Dip the forms quickly into hot water before turning them upside down so that the jhellies can slip out of their prison. You may need to coax them out with a thin and sharp knife.


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