Reading List


Now I’m going to do a post that has little or at least very little do with food blogging. Or maybe it has in an indirect way because a person’s life does influence her/his cooking even if I doubt that I’m particularly influenced by what I’m reading unless it’s food related. But Sara of Ms Adventures in Italy asked some weeks ago what I was reading because she is always on the lookout for a good read and I promised her to write a post about it (I have also promised her to post my thoughts about food photography but I’m still thinking about that post) so here we go, some books do actually have something to do with food!
I read a lot, I started as a 6 year old and I haven’t stopped yet, it’s a bit like a drug to me. I love to be able to open a book like I open a door and enter into this world that is so completely different from my own. Sometimes it enriches my own life and sometimes it’s like an escape from myself but rarely it’s bad for me. And I never finish books that I don’t like or get anguished by anyway! I always read several book at the same time because my moods change and I have different needs that depends on so many factors so I like to be able to choose what I need.
This is a list of what I’ve just read and what I’m reading in this moment, I just picked up the books that I keep on the table next to my bed and brought them here to the kitchen where I’m writing this.

Fiction and non fiction:

Qiu Xiaolong, When Red is Black. This is the third of Xiaolong’s detective stories that I read and I have enjoyed every one of them immensely. They are more like noirs actually and it’s really interesting to be able to understand China a little bit better.

Jeffrey Deaver, The Blue Nowhere. A thriller about computers, internet and the cyberspace. I liked it for what it is.

Marina Lewycka, A Short History of Tractors in Ucrainian. A rather mad story about how two daughters want to save their 84 years old father from the marriage with a 36 yrs old gold digger. You get an interesting insight in Ukraine’s modern story but I worry a lot about how it will end so I just read it now and then when I feel strong…

Nick Hornby, A Long Way Down. A nice story about four suicidal people who meet on a roof top and the ups and downs of their friendship. Not his best though.

John Peel, Margrave of the marshes. The autobiography (well the beginning at least) of the BBC Radio 1 dj John Peel who sadly died 2 years ago. I finally found it and I’m so happy because I love him and I was really sad when he died despite the fact that I didn’t know him and I wasn’t alone in feeling like this. I discovered him in the late 70’s and I have followed him since then. Great man and inspirer with a incredible sense of humour. And he was human too.

Food related books:

Massimo Montanari, Il cibo come cultura. Montanari is a great scholar (he teaches at the University of Bologna and I always feel so enriched when I read his books. I don’t think he works are translated into English which is a pity. In this volume he talks about the historical aspects of food as culture.

Fabiano Guatteri, L’Arte del menu. A collection of recipes where the author emphasizes the importance of the composition of the menu, there is an interesting introduction that made take out my Escoffier to continue to read about this important aspect of eating.

A tavola con il re. This is a collection of medieval recipes with the modern interpretation next to it, I just bought it and I’m planning to post something from it in the near future.

Anthony Bourdain, The Nasty Bits. There is no need to say anything about this book, I think you probably have read it already.