European Blogging By Post #6


This time I hadn’t forgotten so I knew what the postman wanted when he beeped outside our gate! I dashed out in the drizzling rain, still barefoot, and yes! he had brought a parcel for me! Earlier this week I had sent off a parcel (well I had to divide it into two large envelopes at the post office because of distribution problems) to Caryn of Reality Bites and I was very curious about the parcel that was heading towards me. And it didn’t disappoint me!


The parcel was lovingly put together by Johanna from the really nice UK food blog the passionate cook, I write lovingly because that is a good word to describe the care with which she had made it; the ‘items’ wrapped in nice paper, a special note to each and every gift, not to speak about the gifts themselves! This is what she sent:


1. Wasabi coated peanuts. I love horse radish and I love wasabi, I find the tickling, prickling sensation that you feel in your nose when you eat it addictive so this is a perfect thing to give me. And Marco.


2. A jar of Johanna’s own fig and peach jam. It has a lovely colour and I’m looking forward to a nice toast with a dollop of jam on it! I just stuck a finger into it and I can report that it tastes goood!


3. Another little jar, this time with an intriguing pumpkin seed pesto. It comes from Austria and Johanna included it as a part of her own being as she was born there. It will be interesting to try that!


4. She included three goodies from her favourite local patissier and chocolatier: a beautiful chocolate lollipop covered with pistachios and dried raspberries, a toffee stick with nuts and dried fruit (mmm, I have already started on that) and some nice looking almond and hazelnut sablés that I’m saving for a rainy afternoon when I need to some cheering up!


5. Last but not the least, she also included some home made parmesan biscotti with pine nuts and sun dried tomatoes, really savoury and Johanna suggests that I eat them with some avocado and goat’s cheese on top! mmmmm…

So what else can I say than Thanks a lot Johanna! Your parcel made and is still making me very happy and I can tell you that I’m jealousy defending it from my children who would finish it in 5 minutes flat if I allowed them to! The only thing that blackens this experience is that now I will have to wait for an eternity of EBBP rounds before I will get another one from you! And another Thank You Johanna for organizing this round of EBBP! If you want to check out the whole roundup, click here!