Today I am celebrating the anniversary of the one event I am faithful to even though I skip a week now and then. That Weekend Herb Blogging is already celebrating its one year birthday is one of these things that I don’t really like and that seems to pop up more and more often as I get older. A sign of time going faster and faster as older you get, as if that is needed! It is now that I want time to go slower, not when I was small and wanted to grow up but then time was so slooow, so slow…


Kalyn has expressed the wish that we blog about our favourite herb this weekend and although I have had some problems with deciding upon which, I decided on sweet rosemary. There are many reasons to why and all of them have to do with our senses in one way or another. One is the visual aspect: the bush is a beautiful one if healthy and when it is flowering it is covered by small sky-blue flowers and I just can’t resist that! Then we have the taste and the smell, I love the smell of fresh rosemary and roasted potatoes with rosemary must be one of my favourite foods, at least when I need comfort food. It is a versatile herb, you can use it for savoury lunch and dinner dishes and for desserts and cakes; there are no limits to what you can use rosemary for, only your imagination is the limit. And to nip this little piece of writing together, we mustn’t forget (sorry, I just couldn’t resist) the age old use of rosemary as a symbol of remembrance and in olden times it was often used as a remedy to improve memory, something that I need now when time rushes past me in the fast lane.


I want to thank Kalyn for coming up with the brilliant idea of WHB and also for handling the whole thing so well. It is through WHB that I have come to know her and become her friend so I can only ‘bless’ the day I decided to join in! But I haven’t only got to know her, every week I have been discovering new blogs and bloggers not to mention all the recipes! Kalyn has been posting a roundup of all the WHB roundups of this past year, go and take a look, I have been enjoying it a lot!

Today I want to celebrate WHB and Kalyn (I hope it is possible to convert it to make it South Beach Diet friendly!) with an autumn dish especially composed for this event:


4 servings

3 small quinces or 3 large cooking or baking apples
1 tblsp chopped rosemary
4-5 tblsp pine nuts
3 + 2-3 tblsp acacia honey
2-4 tblsp rum
The juice of 1 lime
200-400 ml / 0.85-1.7 cups water (it depends on how long it takes to cook the sauce)

– Chop the rosemary and the pine nuts finely. Mix them with the honey and leave it to rest while you prepare the rest.
– Peel 1 quince/apple and chop it finely. Put it in a bowl and add the lime juice, rum and 2-3 tblsp of honey (it depends on how sweet the quince/apple is). Leave it for a while.
– Peel the quinces/apples. Divide them in two lengthwise and spoon out the core so that you are left with holes in the middle.
– Heat up the chopped quince/apple mix together with the smaller amount of water. Put the quince/apple halves in the pan and continue to simmer.
– Turn the quince/apple halves over now and then and cook until they are tender. Add more water if needed. Take out the quinces/apples and put them aside.
– If the quince/apple sauce is too watery, let it simmer until it becomes nice and syrupy.
– Fill the holes of the quince/apple halves with the rosemary and pine nut mix, let it cover as much as possible.
– Pour the sauce in an oven-proof tin or pan that is just big enough to contain the quince/apple halves that you put on top of the sauce.
– Pass the pan with the quince/apple halves under the grill for a couple of minutes or until the surface is nicely golden.
– Serve.


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