The Butterfly Effect, third installment: a meal


Sean, you won’t believe this but here it is, my third installment of the five part Butterfly Effect Meme! I started off well and made the first two in two weeks and then things and life just got out of my hands and I lost track of the meme totally. But here we go again, a comittment is a comittment, today I will write about a meal (in a restaurant, a home or elsewhere) that has in some way changed my life food wise.
It hasn’t been easy at all to come up with something, at first I didn’t even remember having eaten ever before in my life (a typical reaction when I think I have to prove something) and then I couldn’t remember having had lunch or dinner with anyone but after a while, when I relaxed I suddenly remembered a very impportant meal indeed. But before then I did remember some meals that has changed at least my circle of friends and then I mean changed in the sense of diminished the number of friends. I remember in particular the time a relatively new friend from the very north of Sweden came down to Stockholm and he came home to us for dinner. Unfortunately this was in the middle of one of my father’s creative periods and the poor guy was forced to eat his coconut meatballs (meatballs with grated coconut and almost as big if I remember it correctly), I never heard from that particular friend again. At least that was a meal that influenced his life!
But my meal was actually a job interview dinner. After finishing school and before starting at the university, I worked almost two years as a nanny in a family that I still meet every year. I didn’t like children but there were several interesting aspect that came with the job: my own little house, part of the year was spent in London and it was very close to where my best friend lived so I went for a job interview and despite the fact that I actually in total honesty told them that I didn’t like children but was willing to give it a try, I got the job. And with that I discovered a completely new food world. I come from a family where food is taken very seriously, my mother disdained fast food and went for the genuine stuff but as often happens in families or groups like that, it was food of a certain type. But here I was exposed to another type of food and Ewa, the mother of the children was a serious cook who later published a cookbook that is still remembered. She opened up a new world to me and I think that she and my mother has been the most influential persons in my life food wise. The best was when we were in London and they took me out for meals at restaurants I never would have dreamed of , new cuisines and such high quality of both the food and the surroundings, I loved it! But I have to confess that I don’t remember at all what we had for that particular dinner … Not the faintest idea!