Favourite Kitchen Gadget


I cannot resist Pamela’s (Posie’s Place) one off event Favourite Kitchen Gadget depite it was difficult to decide on one single thing so I decided on two: one is a favourite for sure and the second is something I bought recently and that could become a favourite. The first is a long time friend and the only thing I feel like bringing with me when I travel – my passaverdura or food mill! It is indispensable for making tomato sauce and as I make it at least twice a week you can understand that I feel a bit lost without it! I have this quite cheep plastic one and I love it. I have bought fancy stainless steel food mills but they don’t work as well as my green one so I always return to it at the end of the day! Useless to be unfaithful to something that works so well.

What's left of a tomato


My second item are four silicon straps that you can use to keep steaks together, the legs of your oven roasted chicken, the filling inside the fish you are going to cook or just anything that needs a piece of string. Easy to strap on, maybe a bit too easy to loosen but I have already used them several times and I liked it a lot!

So what’s your favourite kitchen gadget? Tell me in a comment or, even better, participate (but be quick!) in Pams Favoutite Kitchen Gadget Event!