The list of five

Melissa of The Traveler’s Lunchbox has started a meme (even if she doesn’t actually call it a meme but I don’t know any better word for it) about 5 things to eat before you die or just for the joy of eating. I have been seeing it all over the place and now I have been tagged by Jen of Milk & Cookies so I better do my duty and tell you about my five favourite food things. There are so many other things I would like to include but yesterday my choice fell on these five:

Mussels from Læsø in Denmark. I spent every summer from my early childhood until late teens on a small Danish island called Læsø. It’s a small island built on sand with snow white beaches and very little night life. My father and I sometimes went mussel picking on the sand reefs and then we went home and steamed them. I havn’t had such wonderful fat and juicy mussels ever since but that might depend on the fact that I became allergic of them in my mid twenties…

Pizza. Nothing beats a real genuine pizza Margherita made with fresh tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. That is pure satisfaction.

White truffles is a must on my list. I have learnt to lovelovelove the smell and the taste and I’m already looking forward to the Italian truffle season!

While I am at it, there’s another so called luxury food item or rather wine item that I really love and that’s champagne. I’m not fussy, I love them all (almost) so I wont mention any particular brand.

And to finish with something sweet, I just have to include the Swedish sweet Dajm. I hardly ever eat it because if I start I just want more and more, more and more.

I think the best thing about this meme is that Melissa is making a roundup of all the answers on her blog and I recommend you to take a look, I have discovered several new interesting things to eat and quite a few food blogs! So to make the list grow further I tag, hoping that they haven’t been tagged already because this is spreading fast:
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