Nothing much

red currants

Life goes on here in Uppsala, Sweden. Yesterday I did find a place with relatively good vegetables so now I can’t complain about that and yesterday evening we went out to eat in a very nice restaurant so I can’t complain about that either. Marco had fillet of reindeer with a sauce made with a peppery root that I can’t remember the English name for and I had fillet of hare (I just couldn’t resist after seeing all those enormous happy hares in the cementary) with a dumpling filled with goat’s cheese and pears-really really good! And the dessert….mmmmm!
I have been buying a lot of props for my food photos as well; some nice plates etc, not the smartest thing to buy when you have to drag it over half Europe but what the heck, I have to suffer for the food blogging art and I just can’t resist it! Apart from the weight, I’m beginning to wonder what I will do with all these odd plates that are gathering in my kitchen the day when I stop blogging, I think I could make a complete table for 12 people soon with them…
Today I’m going to be a tourist here in Uppsala because my oldest friend is coming up and tomorrow we’re off to the archipelago of Stockholm for the weekend, if it’s not raining too much that is. You never know here.