No food today


If you have problems with thinking about death you better stop now because this post is full of photos from a churchyard. I have always liked churchyards, I find them peaceful and often comforting and by seeing all these names of people who lie there and are unknown to me I somehow feel as if I prolong their existence. Francois Truffaut once made a very nice but sad film about a man who was obsessed by remembering dead people and although I don’t obsess about it, I like taking walks on churchyards. And it also very interesting to see how different they are in different countries; in Italy they are packed and most of them have a photo of the dead on the tomb or grave stone while here in Sweden it’s usually a place full of flowers and trees and no photos. But wherever I go, I always graves with small tributes on them, a beautiful stone, a toy or some small personal message. Right now we are living next to the main churchyard of Uppsala and I sometimes take an evening walk there with the children. So what you see below is the first installment of my Swedish photos because we have finally got our internet connection so I can upload my photos!


resting place

line up