Incredible! And skål!


Here I am, still no access to the web but I have a nice friend who lets me stay as long as I want in front of her computer now and then so I have made her a visit today and I was totally taken aback when I realized that I have won this months edition of the Paper Chef! I have never been much of a winner when it comes to competions or lotteries (that I never win on lottery isn´t that surprising though because I never buy any tickets) and now I have to get used to have won a competition for the second time and it all thanks to food blogging! But I never ever actually thought that I could win Paper Chef because there are so many really good and creative food bloggers around and now I feel quite emotional about it (do I hate getting older and soppy? If it continues like this I´m really worried about how I will end up…). And happy! And a bit proud too if I have to be honest because Stephen of Stephen Cooks who did the judging is such a great cook! Wow. And thanks a lot!
I feel a bit like running down the screaming but I don´t dare to break the silence who reigns in this incredibly lush country. I am born here and I have lived here for many years but nowadays I entered the limbo of those who have choosen to live abroad and no longer have any real roots anywhere. For some years now I really feel like a visitor when I come back here every 6 months, it´s not a negative feeling per se, I actually think it´s good because it has made me question things like nationalism, the need of national identity and how important the cultural identity actually is for your own personal identity. Instead of making me weaker it has made me stronger I think but I have to admit I miss having family and old friends around me, those who know the story of my life so there is no need to explain myself. That is a wonderful luxury I think.
Well time is running out here, next week I hope we will get an internet connection in the flat we are renting but now I just have to go and tell the news to someone!