Blog Day


I had completely forgotten that it’s Blog Day today, it was Paz of The Cooking Adventures of Chef Paz that reminded me because she has posted her choice of five new (to her) blogs. So now I have been trying to decide which five I want to share with you and that hasn’t been easy. Obviously. It’s always difficult to decide for a few because there are so many good and interesting food blogs out there. I decided to go for food blogs but if you want to participate in this one day event, remember that you can present any type of blog. You post about five new blogs that you like, then you have to tell them that they have been listed on your blog and I think that’s all. Easy isn’t it?

1. First out is A Gluten-free Journey. This is a British food and photo blog and I really enjoy reading what Dianne writes and looking at her photos! I hope you will enjoy that too!

2. Kitchen Wench. An Australian food blog that I have discovered recently, today I’m actually planning to bake some cookies that she posted about some time ago…

3. Coffee and Cornbread is blogging from the US and it’s a new and promising blog, I love her last post with an interesting tomato soup with dill!

4. I just have to include an Italian food blog so Viaggi & Sapori fits in perfectly. Orchidea lives in Stockholm, Sweden, writes in English and writes about Italian food. What a blend!

5. And then we have Tanna of My Kitchen in Half Cups. Food and photography and both inspiring. Go there.

(And here’s an extra one as a bonus just because you have been so good and patient:
Hedonia. Sean is always worth reading and he does a lot of inspiring cooking as well so I just had to include him here even if I have been reading him for quite a while…)

That’s it. Start browsing! And post your own list!