A vegetable problem

I have a problem here. Apart from not cooking in my own kitchen which I always find a bit limiting, I get depressed when I go food shopping in so far any supermarket because the vegetables and fruit that are for sale are so bad. I refuse to consider myself spoilt because I obviously understand that I cannot ask for what I can get in Italy but I can definitely ask for more than what I find here. I’m sure that I could find a place that sells much better veggies (and I will find a place like that) but I refuse the idea that one has to go to special shops, paying a lot more just to get decent vegetables and fruit. That’s not democratic at all and it ‘s not right that only people interested in food get the good stuff, it should be there for everone and especially for those not interested because they need it as much as we do. We all need it.
But I will continue my quest today, maybe I’ll manage to find something that will inspire me so that I can present you with a new dish. And apart from the veg and fruit there are many really nice and interesting things to eat here and some really good cooking around!