A symbolic pic of the actual state of my food blogging


There’s very little food blogging going on here but I promise that I will start again as soon as I get back to my kitchen. I am having a kind of food vacation when I’m here, just cooking food without taking pictures of it and trying to get a bit of vacation from it all. It usually leads to intense cooking bouts when I get back home and I have to admit that I am kind of looking forward to that because cooking is such a deeply satisfying thing to do. But we still eat, this week we’re going to at least two dinners, one of which is a traditional Swedish cray fish party, and then I have organized a food blogger’s picnic in Stockholm on Wednesday where I will meet other food bloggers, bloggers and readers. I hope because I don’t really know who’s going to turn up. I am especially looking forward to meet food blog readers because the other food bloggers I can get to know through their blogs whereas those reading the blogs are still there to be discovered.