A bit of this and a bit of that


The return to Italy is closing in, early on Tuesday morning we leave for a warmer climate and our own beds and my own kitchen. The other night we went to a crayfish party, it’s one of the few Swedish traditions that I really try to keep up!
The food bloggers’ picnic turned out to be really nice, the rain poured down all day and when I was sitting on the train for Stockholm, I had very low expectations but we were 12 grown-ups and one kid, not bad! And instead of doing a picnic we had dinner in a restaurant only covered by a roof so we were practically sitting in the green anyway! And I have to say that it’s better meeting a few bloggers at a time because there is never enough time to talk properly, at the first blog meeting I went to ten days ago, we were 23 and that was too many because I really didn’t have time to spend with everyone I wanted to get to know.
The most important reason for me to come here is to see my parents who aren’t well at all and the worst thing about leaving is that I never know whether I will see them again when I leave for Italy but that’s the way life is even if I can’t say that I like this aspect very much. But who can say that life is all sun and singing? And I don’t even know if I would like it to be so because the ups and downs make me appreciate the good times all the more.
So now we are frantically doing all the last things and I’m sure that I will feel fine anyway when I lean back in my chair on the air plane.