Second installment of the Butterfly Effect Meme


Today I am posting the second installment of the The Butterfly Effect meme and systematic as I am I’m going for the second category which deals with a dish or a recipe that has influenced you in a fundamental way.

I’m sure that all of us has one dish or ‘thing’ that we never really manage to do as well as we would like to and that often there is no rational explanation to why that is. Mine is traditional pie crust. (Please tell me yours- it will boost my self confidence a world) What can I say more than that at the time when I really tried to make it the traditional way even my, at that time, least cooking inspired friend (she has improved immensely since then) managed to make great pies and my own attempts just raised laughter and derision. I really suffered from serious inferiority complex when it came to pie crusts because I was capable of making almost everything else but this little stone made me tumble all the way down to the foot of the hill. But I accepted it after having tried and tried again, doing it just like it is supposed to be made but with disastrous results, it didn’t matter if I made sweet or salt pies, there was just no hope. The turning point came when a former employer of mine once offered me a sweet pie with a great pie crust and I asked (I don’t know why really as I hade given up all hope, I suppose it’s the typical curiosity of a dedicated cook that makes you always ask and probe) how she had made it and then the revelation came. Or rather a strong light at the end of the tunnel because she told me that she had used melted butter and baking powder! And believe me, it was great! (She later published a cookbook and she is one of the few people that Marco always hope will invite us for lunch or dinner when we are in Sweden!) So her pie and its recipe helped me to climb the threshold and it made me realize that you can make pie crusts in different ways which in its turn lead me to invent myself a pie crust to use when I made foodier pies. To be honest I nowadays use my mother-in-law’s pie crust/crostata recipe but the other day I saw that Shuna had posted a really interesting post about how to make a real pie crust over at Eggbeater so maybe maybe I will make yet another try…