And the winner is…


I went to bed yesterday evening because I just couldn’t stand the tension. Of the Match of course. Do you think that there existed something else in this country yesterday? Earlier in the day I brought my son to a friend of his birthday party, I have done that for many years now and I can tell you that I have never seen that particular party as deserted as yesterday because everyone was either not coming because of the match or coming later so that they could stay on and watch la Partita! Yesterday there was tension in the air wherever you went and everyone asking “What do you think about tonight?” so is it strange that I was caught up in it? I saw a part of the match and then I just went to bed to read, it was great! Relaxing and the book was definitely worth it. And I knew that I would never be allowed to miss out on a goal because we sleep with our windows open. We live in the tiniest village on a hillside, it’s about 2 kilometers down to the main road and a bigger village and about 5-6 kilometers to Pistoia so it is not very densely populated right here but last night it one wouldn’t have thought so. When the last rigore (I just can’t remember the English word for it) went in I knew it instantly because everyone, and I mean everyone in Italy was screaming! And hooting with those things that you hoot with at matches and banging on casserole lids! And almost immediately the fireworks started to shoot up all over and I could hear cars beeping along the main road and other cars answering. This is one of the reasons to why I love to live here, the immediacy of peoples joy; you’re happy? let’s show it and no one is ashamed of it! Great! Who cares about football-I just love to see people so happy!