I’m going to tell you what I have been doing lately and why I have been such a sporadic food blogger. Last week, Thursday evening actually, I finished writing a paper that I presented at this conference on Friday, so if I wasn’t sitting at the computer hammering away on the key board I tried to keep a minimum of normality in the life of our children. I don’t think I was very successful but they are still alive so somehow I must have fed them anyway. And as it always is, there was a myriad of things that had to be done and to be attended during that precise week. But I managed to finish my paper and early Friday morning I left children and dog to a friend who came down from Sweden to baby-sit (because Marco attended the same conference and we don’t have any relatives around us who could help out), our own catcher in the rye, and took the train to Pisa. The conference was held in the Botanic Garden of Pisa, the oldest in the world so you can imagine how nice the setting was! We had lunch on the lawns and in the evening there was a ‘banquet’ in the garden with live music, a pianist and a violinist who played beautifully and the tables were candlelit with silver candelabras! It was so romantic and the evening was beautiful, warm and the full moon shone above us between the enormous palm trees! I did actually have my camera with me but it wasn’t really the time and place to bring it out and start shooting and apart from that I was sitting with such nice people that the thought never occurred to me anyway! I’m posting some photos that I managed to take when we went to the inauguration of this wonderful exhibition but I feel that I have to return there to really explore the garden because there are so many interesting nooks and corners to shoot! Unfortunately Flickr isn’t working right now but I will fix that later.