A weekend almost completely dedicated to cooking and experimenting, some good things and some less good that have to be worked upon. Marco is in Philadelphia right now so I had a lot of time to kill and could I do that in a better way?? Maybe yes but it felt good, call it comfort cooking if you like.
It’s hottish here now but fortunately the sky is covered by thin clouds half of the day, I realize that I have to take out my more summery clothes very soon and that I have to start making granita and pasta salads. And more cold soups. I love could soups. And do some more grilling. This recipe is usually used for boiled meats but I use it for a lot of other things as well, panini, hard boiled eggs, cooked vegetables and fish for example. And it should be nice as a sauce alternative to grilled meat. Don’t mistake it for the Spanish language Salsa Verde, the Italian Salsa Verde is completely different!



1 big bunch of Italian parsley
1 hard boiled egg
2-3 anchovies
1 tbsp capers in vinegar
2-3 tblsp pine nuts
½ -1 clove of garlic
Good virgin olive oil

– Remove the stalks of the parsley and put it in a mixer together with the egg that you have cut into pieces, anchovies, capers, pine nuts, garlic and run it all, adding some olive oil until it has become smooth and creamy but not too liquid. Check out the photos to see how it should look!
– Check the salt and it’s ready! It just can’t get simpler than this.