Yesterday evening I was lying in my bed, looking at the bookshelf where I have put the cookbooks that I have removed from the kitchen because of the lack of space there when my eyes fell on an old, quite tattered volume that I have picked up in a second hand book shop for about 1 euro ages ago. It’s an old French cookbook called La Cuisine de Madame and it is full of concise recipes and without any kind of illustrations, just a plain cooking manual for French housewives. I have the 10th edition which is published in 1933. I love this type of old cookbooks because they are usually full of really good recipes, simple but savory. Anyway, I pulled it out and I was immediately caught by one of the first recipes, an almond soup and I thought “I want to make this tomorrow!”. End of that scene. This morning I was going through my billions Bloglines feeds (I will have to reduce the number..) as usual when I came to La Mia Cucina and I saw that she was participating in the Retro Recipe Challenge #1 which is organized by Laura Rebecca’s Kitchen, and I thought “What a coincidence! Here I am going to post about this recipe from a book that fits in perfectly with the rules of the challenge!” So here we go, my entry for the Retro Recipe Challenge #1, a great idea because I’m sure that most of us have old cookbooks that we never get around to try any recipes from and I want to thank Laura Rebecca for organizing it! I have modernized the proceedings of the recipe slightly but not the ingredients. It is not very specific when it comes to measures which it’s ok with me as that’s the way I usually cook but I have measured and give you the ones I used. The soup is surprisingly good, it has a very slight tinge of bitter almond that I like a lot, not to speak about its smooth texture and the white colour…


4 servings

250 g blanched almonds
3 dl + 5 dl water
1 lemon zest
1 pinch sugar
1 small pinch cinnamon
2 pinches of salt

– Run the almonds in a blender together with 3 dl water until it’s really smooth and creamy.
– Pour 5 dl water in a pan and add sugar, cinnamon, lemon zest and salt and let it simmer for about 30 minutes.
– Heat up the almond cream while you stir and add the water without the lemon zest.
– Heat it up but be careful not to boil it, check salt and, voilà, it is ready.
– Serve it with diced bread fried in butter.