Confessions in Groups of 5.

I haven’t done a meme for ages so I was quite happy to be tagged by my great friend Kalyn to do this Confessions in Groups of 5. But then I started to think. It always ends up like this, every time I’m faced with a questionnaire, multiple choice thing or something of that type I start to wonder: ‘do they mean this or that?’, I amaze myself with the amount of different answers that I manage to come up with, all depending on what the author of the question could have intended which I’m never sure to have grasped. So here I am, wondering if that word “confession” means that I should tell you something really secret and maybe embarrassing or that I can just pick anything at random. And the saddest thing of all is that I really take it so seriously as if it was a matter of life and death. Writing this rambling piece has helped me to put things into a sort of perspective, I’m going to mix. (But I still wonder what I’m really supposed to write…)

5 items in the freezer

Homemade stock
, always useful for an emergency risotto
Danish butter
. Italian cooking is good, very good and they make really high quality products but the butter, no comment. In the very north you find good butter but in the rest of the country no! I haven’t found any at least. And they never salt it either and I want some salt in my butter.
My butcher Tiziano’s salsicce.
Homemade bread
, I make a lot and deep freeze some of it.
Strange unknown things
lingering in the twilight zone at the back of my freezer

5 items in my closet

. A range of them covering more than half of my life, I still have one that I bought when I was 17. And I still use it. Sad isn’t it? Because that’s a looong time ago.
Even some skirts
Strange unknown things
lingering in the twilight zone at the back of my closet

5 items in my car

Loads of music tapes. Too many and kept all over the place
A surprising amount of them. I wonder where they come from…
Children’s books
Special isolated plastic bags to transport food in
Strange unknown things
lingering in the twilight zone in the car.

5 items in my purse

Lip glosses and lip sticks
, I love them all!
Note paper
Strange unknown things
lingering in the twilight zone at the bottom of the bag

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