Weekend Herb Blogging #34 – The Recap

The time has come for the recap of the 34th edition of Weekend Herb Blogging! This time I have the honour to be the first to inaugurate the new on the road life that WHB is going to live every two weeks from now on: Kalyn will continue be the point of reference and she will make her recaps one week yes and one week no when WHB is becomes an itinerant event with different hosts. So next week it’s Kalyn‘s turn and the week after that I think it is hosted by Sweetnicks!
I have tried my best but please let me know if there are any problems with the links or if I have written something wrong!

For once Kalyn’s contribution is going to be the first instead of the last. Not only does she have a great Kitchen, she has a garden too and it is there she is growing the mint which is this weeks herb! She has made a Barley Salad with Lemon and Mint that sounds like the perfect summer sallad! And as if this wasn’t enough, she provides us with links to a lot of other of her recipes with mint so there’s no excuse for not cooking with it! I hope she has enjoyed a recap free weekend with a lot of nice food!

The first entry to reach me came from Ulrike of Kuchenlatein who blogs from the north of Germany. She has made muffins with rapeseed oil with sundried tomatoes, basil and olives that looks really tasty! She also posted some beautiful pictures of blooming rapeseed field that made me long for early summer in Sweden…

Sarah of Cucina Bella was inspired by one of Kalyn’s asparagus recipes when she made her Grilled Herb Parmesan Asparagus! It both sound and looks great and I was really intrigued by the herbs she used, go and take a look at them and then tell me if the mix between savoury, lavender and thyme doesn’t sound nice! I had actually forgot about the existance of savoury, it is used in Swedish cooking but I have never used it here in Italy.

Next to arrive was Ramya’s WHB contribution about beets and beet greens. She has posted a lovely recipe, Beet Greens Salad, on her blog Cascading Flavours. She also posted a lot of interesting nutritional information about beets, and I can tell you that I didn’t know half of it!

Neil gives us an amusing tale on his blog Food For Thought in addition to posting an interesting recipe of a Rocket and Coriander Salad. I’m not a lover of coriander but I feel quite tempted to try this combination. As for the tale of how they met you better read it yourself!

My old food blog friend s’kat of S’kat and the Food has finally decided to participate in WHB! She is posting about parsley and a great recipe of Chimichurri, an Argentinian condiment that sounds like the perfect companion for this summer’s grilled meat. And vegetables I hope!

Italian food blogger Piperita from The Kitchen Pantry is participating despite the fact that she is very busy working with her catering business, May is the month of innumerous weddings, communioni and cresime (catholic ‘rites of passage’ for children) so I can imagine the work load! But she has taken the time to post a tasty recipe of Fresh Pasta with Agretti, the vegetable that rised quite a discussion here on Lucullian a couple of WHB’s back!

Sher from What Did You Eat? is presenting an incredible Lemon and Garlic Chicken that looks great and I’m sure tastes even better! Fortunately she didn’t post the recipe of the lemon-lime pie, with brown sugar Italian meringue that she shows on a pic because that would have been the end of my attempts to shed my winter coating…

Haalo blogs about basil on her food blog Cook (almost) Everything Once, a nice tribute to the country where I live! She proposes a very interesting recipe of Pesto Polenta, a recipe I will have to try even if the polenta season is over as it intrigues my taste buds…

Pesto is also the theme of the next WHB contribution, Gattina of Gattina is another new entry here and she begins her career as a Weekend Herb Blogger with a marvellous recipe of Pesto Eggplant Rolls. Personally I can’t get enough of pesto…

Gabriella, The Recluctant House Wife with never ending energy, has made a lovely dish, Steak with Lavender Thyme Butter that sounds really summery. And it must look very pretty as well! I want to try it on boiled or grilled vegetables …

Some new bloggers, some old bloggers, the Chocolate Lady from In Mol Araan is an old veteran when it comes to WHB, this time she posts about methi (menthi) or trigonella foenum-graecum, the fresh leaves of the fenugreek plant. She hasn’t yet cooked with it but I’m looking forward to see what she will make!

Tragedy has struck Ed from Tomato, someone has been too keen on weeding in his garden! But a trifle like that doesn’t prevent him from participating with a WHB post as usual, steer over to read about his misfortune and his interesting mushroom find in the eucalyptus woods of Australia!

Pille from Nami-Nami has been to Paris where she got some wild asparagus to bring back to Scotland. How exclusive that sounds! She used her aspargus well and offers us two different recipes, Wild Apspargus at its Simplest and Wild Aspargus with Pasta and Garlic, in addition to some information where in Europe you can go out and pick it so cross your fingers, maybe you happen to live there…

Next contribution comes from Canada where Elizabeth posts about her beloved mint on her blog from OUR kitchen. She gives us a recipe of Mint/Coriander Chutney that sounds really refreshing. And as if that wasn’t enough, she also tells us how to keep the invasive mint at bay in your garden!

Christiane from 28 Cooks has made a Bueono Fresh Salsa for dipping whatever you want in it even though she personally seems to be particularly fond of doing it the Mexican way! A great recipe that will come handy for your evenings outdoors this summer, you know when you really should do something useful but it’s just too nice to sit and eat and talk in the twilight…

Susan the Farm Girl has made the most exhaustive post on Argula/Rocket Pesto that I have ever seen on her blog In My Kitchen Garden! Not only does she give us the recipe of that and a Argula Pesto Cream Cheese Spread but also on all the variations of argula pesto that can be found! Great work!

From Virginie in France and her vegan food blog Absolutely Green we have a very interesting recipe of a delicious dessert, Gingerbread Cake with Wild Violet Jelly, that I just will have to make next spring when the violets are in flower! The post is in French but Virginie has provided links to translations!

Surfindaave from The Serendipitious Chef has gone for sage this week. As usual he has done his research and there are a lot of interesting pieces of information about this herb. And he provides us with a tasty recipe of Chicken ‘Saltimbocca’ alla Surfindaave, does he ever work? Are there any food bloggers who have time to work I wonder?

Another new partcipant! WHB is spreading! Anna from Morsels and Musings is maybe the best example of the globality of Weekend Herb Blogging, she lives in Australia, has lived in Rome, she has a Swedish boyfriend and writes about how she dicovered asparagus in Slovakia!

And at last I have reached the last post which is my own about Taccole.