Sugar High Friday. This is an event that I like a lot because I think that of all the cooking I make, baking and making desserts is what I love the most! I suppose it has to do with what seems to be an innate liking for sweet flavours, babies usually have no problems to start eating sweet food whereas when it comes to the rest they can create a lot of problems for the feeder. I know, I have been there, thrice. Here in Italy you start making them eat purees of fruit but in Sweden it’s the other way around, you start with something that has a neutral taste and then you give the sweet stuff. I don’t know what is the right way to go about it, in my experience if the baby doesn’t want to start eating, it just doesn’t. At least not immediately. But how boring I am, this was supposed to be about SHF and not about feeding babies! So back to on the track, this month it is Ruth from Once Upon A Feast – Every Kitchen Tells Its Stories who is hosting the Sugar High Friday and the theme is Ginger. I have always been a lover of anything ginger ever since the day my mother introduced me to it. She loved it as well and we sipped our tea with ground ginger in it because in those days you couldn’t find fresh ginger in any Swedish stores. We used to search out different food and drinks made with ginger and we did actually discover some really good ones. But nowadays she is beyond this type of enjoyment even though it is obvious that she still enjoys eating and I always bring something edible for her as a present when I see her. So this is not only my entry for the Sugar High Friday event but it is also a contribution to my mother Kia who introduced me to ginger and who made me love it! And thank you Ruth for hosting the SHF!

4 servings

4 ripe William pears
2-4 tsp freshly grated ginger, I like ginger a lot so I used 4 tsp but it was strong!
4 tbsp acacia honey
4 dl water

– Peel the pears and cut them into pieces that you run in a blender until smooth.
– Pour the pear puree into a pan and add water, honey and grated ginger. Bring it to boil and leave it to cool down.
– Before serving it, pass the soup through a sieve to eliminate the ginger.
– Pour the soup into small bowls, I added a couple little balls of pear to each portion to give it some texture.

cold pear and ginger soup