OLIVES AND THYME and some other things as well…


This is really a most simple way to improve and enhance olives. I preferably buy ecological olives, mostly because they are really the best tasting ones even if they are smaller but sometimes I buy others as well if they look good. And if they still have their stones in them because that somehow makes a difference taste wise, I don’t know why but so it is. My neighbour makes the best olives in the world but she uses a kind of secret recipe. I have tried to fork it out of her but she answers in such a general manner that I have given up: “oh it’s a bit of this and a bit of that…”! I buy my own instead and leave them to marinate in this for at least 1-2 days (the colder, the longer). Olives and bread is in its simplicity a very good little meal, especially if you have this nicely flavoured olive oil to dip the bread in… And when the olives are finished and you are left with the oil, use it in salads or cook with it!


OLIVES AND THYME and some other things as well…

Good olives, preferably still with the stone (i.e. sober olives, not stoned I suppose…God how boring I am!!)
A branch of thyme
2 chopped cloves of garlic
2 chopped whole dried tomatoes
2 chopped dried peperoncinos
Really good virgin olive oil

– Put the olives in a bowl.
– Add the chopped garlic, tomatoes and peperoncino. Tear the thyme into pieces and add that as well.
– Pour the olive oil over it until the oil covers the olives.
– Leave it to soak for 1-2 days before eating. If you can resist….