Meeting a kindred soul


Today I have spent a really nice morning with fellow food blogger Kishko here in Pistoia. I told you about my blind date the other day and when I was approaching the train station where I was going to pick her up, I realized that maybe maybe it was that terribly sober woman in designer clothes and I had a second of slight despair when I wondered what I was going to talk about if it was her. But it wasn’t. She was waiting inside the station and fortunately she is just as relaxed and simpatica as I hoped for and we immediately started chatting away just as if we had known each other a long time. At least that is how I felt. She graciously came along while I made some errands and then we concentrated on the little food market in the heart of Pistoia. It is a small medieval square where you find the best food shops of the city and then there are always a fruit and vegetable market going on so you can find almost everything you need there (but I wouldn’t change my village butcher for anything in the world). One of my favorite shops is there and Kishko bought some locally grown zucchini with flowers which had the most beautiful intense colour, you can see them here below.


Then we bought some chocolate and loitered around, looking at the main sights but as I am a lousy guide and obviously forgot to bring the guide of Pistoia, it wasn’t any serious sight-seeing. But maybe next time because she is coming back as we bought tickets for the Bob Dylan concert that is part of the Pistoia Blues Festival in July so there will be at least two food bloggers in the audience, anyone else coming? But we will meet before that because I’m going to Florence so that we can make a survey of the food markets there as well and then there is that pasticceria she posted about the other day….