I am almost speechless!


Today I was quietly browsing my feeds on Bloglines and when I arrived at the bottom and the post of Tomato came up, I saw this photo and I though “It can’t be true..” but it was! I did it, I have won the April edition of Does My Blog Look Good In This! This is so incredibly wonderful to me because when I saw what the other participants had sent in in Ed’s round-up, I immediately saw any trace of hope disappear at the horizon because I spotted several very good photos that I was convinced would score more than mine. There are many really good photographers out there food blogging, often they inspire me but sometimes they make me feel boring and technically inadequate, fortunately the food blogging community is really a very generous one and the feedback that I get here is the best and really cheers me up when I make these ‘confidence dips’ photo wise, thanks to all of you out there! And thanks to Ed of Tomato who organized this edition of DMBLGIT despite the fact he was visiting Vietnam! And a special thanks, obviously, goes to the judges Terry Durack and Jill Dupleix ! I’m off now because I have to start cooking the celebration dinner over here…But I hope that you steer over to Tomato to check out the other winners and participants!