Lately I have been busy resolving whatever it was that had gone wrong with the Lucullian recipe index, I had to go through the html script line by line to find the missing font and then I exported the whole thing to a separate blog and then began the incredibly boring work of updating the index with three months of recipes! But now I have done that and I feel really smug about it as if it would make me a better person. Magari as you say here in Italy. So feel free to browse and please report any links that have gone wrong! In addition to this, I have also changed to a different Cooking Measure Converter, this one is easier to use and it seems to include everything a cook needs know.

So now I’m arriving to the reason of existence of today’s post, my weekly contribution to Kalyn’s Weekend Herb Blogging! Before I produce the recipe I have to announce that I am holding next week’s round-up of WHB so if you are an old habitué, you know what to do, the only change is that you send the url of your blog post to me instead of kalyn. If you haven’t participated before but you would like to this is what you do: You blog about a herb, a plant a vegetable well anything that is growing and greenish on your blog, then you link to me in your post with the words Weekend Herb Blogging so people can find the recap on Monday. Send me the url/permalink by mail (i_berettaATyahooDOTit ) so that I have it early Monday morning here European time because I’m posting the recap sometime on Monday! But this week it is Kalyn who is doing it and I have to say that I doubt that I will be able to make a recap as nice as hers, she is so positive and always have such encouraging and appreciative words for each and one of us participants! Plus that she leaves comments on every WHB post, I suspect that I will be quite amazed by the time and energy she puts into this event week after week, it looks so easy because she does it so well but I’m sure it is much more behind it than what can be seen! Well, I’ll make my own experience of it next week… until the, don’t forget to check out Kalyn’s recap tomorrow!
I know that I have posted about thyme several times before but I just like it soo much and it deserves all the attention it can get so here we go again, this week I have used it in a dish with snap beans, garlic and lemon. Thyme is said to work wonders for your digestion and it is supposed to be an efficient disinfectant. It stimulates the appetite (as if I need that), it is good for your memory and it can be useful when you have a cough. You name it, thyme does it! Not to talk about how nice it tastes!


300 g snap beans
4 cloves of garlic
1 lemon, as much juice as you like
1 small bunch of fresh thyme
Olive oil

– Steam the snap beans until half cooked.
– Heat up some olive oil and the whole cloves of garlic that you crushed slightly with your hand or the broad side of the blade of a knife (is there a specific name for it?). After a couple of minutes you add the beans, salt and the thyme.
– Sauté the beans for about 5-10 minutes until they are as done as you want them. Just before you take it off the stove, you squeeze some lemon juice over it, stir and serve!