Here we go again!

il Duomo

So here I am again and I can tell you that I’m happy because I’m even more convinced that we made the right choice when we moved here, far from the civilization, not that it is so far away in kilometers but sometimes, in my mind, I feel as if I’m living with wolves. I like big cities, I have lived in London and Paris and I really enjoyed it, enjoyed the people, the movement, the beauty of it all but I’m happy to have my home where I have it, on a green hill. Don’t misunderstand me, I enjoyed Milan a lot; we dragged the kids around, showing them a lot of beautiful places and things; me and Marco went out every evening to see old friends and we saw a lot of the children’s grandparents which is nice as we rarely see them. But when we came here yesterday I felt such joy when I saw all the green fields, the blossoming trees and I heard all the birds twittering away that I’m still on that trip!
Today I’m not posting any recipe, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow because the kitchen is empty at the moment but now I’m off do get some fresh food!