basilcello drops

Basil is a wonderful herb, it is sweet and it is peppery and if I could I would use it as a perfume! I already dab myself with bergamot oil now and then and maybe I will find a basil oil that I can use like that one day! I am experimenting with new combinations and new uses and sooner and later I will manage to make something that is worth blogging about! Today I am posting a recipe that could be called Basilcello as it is made in the same way. I did have a recipe to start with but I modified it as usual. Unfortunately I can’t tell you where i found the recipe as it is a little cut-out from some magazine and I can’t remember which, all I can tell is that it is Italian. It is a very strong and sweet liquid this and it should be drunk icy cold by those who really like basil, if you’re not a fan you better skip it! Just like I skip gin.
This is my Weekend Herb Blogging entry for this weekend, Kalyn is on a trip so the round-up might appear on Tuesday at Kalyn’s Kitchen!



30 leaves of basil, I mixed very large ones with normal sized ones
600 ml/2,5 cups of 95% alcohol (I have been trying to find out how much that is in proof but all I can say is that 100% alcohol is 200 proof)
700 ml/3 cups water
500 g/1,1 lb sugar

– Put the basil leaves in a jar large enough to contain the alcohol and pour it over the leaves.
– Close it hermetically and leave it to rest for 3-4 days. Shake it now and then. After just a few hours the alcohol is green!
– Boil water and sugar for 10 minutes and let it cool down.
– Mix the alcohol with the syrup, mix it and filter the liquid.
– Put it in bottles and let them rest for 2 weeks before drinking.