I knew that I was making a mistake but I did it all the same, I bought a kilo of those ruby red strawberries despite we’re only in March and the strawberry season starts in April. And they sure didn’t taste a thing. I just couldn’t resist them and their promise… But I forced some taste on them instead and we happily devoured every single one. I first encountered this way of improving strawberries in the 80’s when I had a different ‘mother-in-law’, well she wasn’t a real one because fortunately I never married her son but she did teach me a thing or two about cooking even though I didn’t speak much Italian in those days (And yes, I seem to be have been destined to marry an Italian because it certainly wasn’t in my plans, I was more of an Anglophile in those days, I actually met that Italian in London and Marco I met in Sweden) When she served me strawberries ‘marinated’ in red wine and sugar my eyes popped out of their sockets and I just swooned after the first taste of it! This was unheard of in Sweden and I was in seventh heaven! Then she showed me other, more sober ways to do it, fresh lemon or orange juice or a mix of the two, always with sugar and it was the latter way that I used to save my strawberries. Nowadays this is common practice but then it was really quite new to us Swedes who usually eat our strawberries as they are with whipped cream. And that remains one of the best ways if they are sweet and tasty….


Fresh strawberries
The fresh juice of lemons or oranges or both
Red wine
(you can add spices as well if you want, cinnamon, mint, maybe ginger – whatever you think will taste good)

– Cut the strawberries into small pieces and put them into a bowl. Add 2-3 (or more) tblsp sugar and mix well.
– Squeeze the lemons or oranges, you need enough to cover the strawberries, the same goes for the wine.
– Leave the strawberries to absorb the taste for 3-4 hours and then you serve them with the juices.