So I am back and I’m happy! For several reasons; one is that it might be cold here and the spring is decidedly late BUT there is no snow because snow in March is not good for you. Of that I am sure. Another reason is that nothing can beat my own family. And then we have the last but not the least reason, it’s nice to come home to my own kitchen and pick up the cooking again. It never ceases to surprise me how things that I make in my own kitchen taste so much better than the stuff I cook in others. Even if it is the same dish. I didn’t cook except one evening and it was the same old story and I was as disturbed by it as always. Obviously it depends on being used to one’s own pots and pans but somehow I think it goes a little bit deeper than that; I have the feeling that I have a relationship with my own pots, pans and kitchen tools and that we have come to an understanding, I know how they react and what they ‘like’ and not and they have come to know me as well. Yes I know that I sound a bit far out here but I have always had relationships with inanimate objects but I think that most of us have. Anyway, I started writing with the intention of telling you about what I have been eating up there in the north and I end up sounding like someone who goes out in the woods to hug trees. Nothing wrong with that but I’ m not like that really. So I better stop soon before I’m completely gone, but I have to tell you about the smoked salmon that I brought home to Marco because it was the best I ever had and I have been eating smoked salmon for almost all my life. I managed to find wild salmon from the Baltic sea and boy was it good! It had this pale pink colour, so different from the orangey one you usually see and it makes you wonder what the h..l they give the poor salmons to eat! And the taste…mmmm, it just melted away in my mouth but I managed to contain myself long enough to take a photo of it. I hope you appreciate the self control I showed.

Tomorrow I will start posting recipes again. It’s Weekend Herb Blogging again…

wild smoked salmon1