Euro Blogging By Post 4


Euro Blogging By Post 4

Yesterday I received my EBBP parcel. I was completely taken by surprise because I had been so busy sending off my parcel that I forgot that I was actually going to receive one as well. Andrew at SpittoonExtra who is organizing this round of EBBP, convinced me to participate at the last minute and I have been so occupied with organizing and thinking about what to send that that it just passed my mind. So when the postman came by on his Vespa and beeped, I opened the window and told him to leave the parcel by the gate. And then I calmly continued with what I was doing. When I finally went to fetch the parcel, I almost jumped when I saw that it was for me and it took me several seconds before I managed to make the connection! I was so excited when I opened it that I cut my finger but I can tell you that it was worth it! Jenni from Pertelote in the UK has sent me a wonderful little parcel full of nice things and not only edible ones!
First of all I have to say that I just love that she has used torn out pages from a cooking magazine to pack with, I saved every single page because how could I throw away all those interesting recipes and lovely photos? I would like to send a food magazine in my own parcels but I never do because if the receiver doesn’t understand Italian it feels like a waste but I will certainly use one like Jenni did; thanks for the idea! Ok ok, here’s the list of the content, I can feel that you are getting a bit impatient with me:


  1. A bar of Charbonnet et Walker chocolate: “A Bar filled with a Caramel Truffle Centre.” Mmmm, my mouth waters while I’m writing this… The only problem is when am I going to eat it? And do I share it with my family?

  2. EBBP2

  3. A jar of homemade Turkish figs in Portuguese Port. I opened it and tasted one and there is only one word to describe it: heavenly! I will treasure these jealously.
  4. EBBP5

  5. Jenni’s homemade Jewish rugelach. They are so pretty and taste great, I have actually eaten three since I started writing on the list! She even sent me the recipe so now I can make my own. And I will!


  6. Small chocolate fish and chocolate covered coffee beans. I love chocolate covered coffee beans which is strange because I loathe coffee with sugar and always drink it without! So I have been crunching away here.

  7. EBBP4

  8. A British food magazine called Olive together with a DVD and a cookbook from the Wagamama restaurants. I have only had time to leaf them through quickly but I have already seen several recipes that I want to try!

Thank you Jenni for your parcel, not only did you send me delicious and nice things, I have also discovered your food blog and through that, your long letter and the parcel I’ve got to know a really nice person!
And I also want to thank Andrew for starting the whole EBBP thing and for organizing it this time!